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Employment Region Copenhagen & Zealand

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The Employment Region Copenhagen & Zealand is one of four regional employment authorities within the Danish National Labour Market Authority under the Ministry of Employment.  The four employment regions cover all of Denmark.

Geographically the Employment Region Copenhagen & Zealand covers the eastern part of Denmark, where almost half of the total Danish population lives. The Minister of the Employment appoints the Director of The Employment Region. The present Executive acting Director of Employment Region Copenhagen & Zealand is Mrs. Marianne Sumborg. 

To assist the Executive Director in managing the Employment Region the Minister appoints a Regional Employment Council. The council serves as an advisor for the Director. The members of the council represent trade unions and employers’ organisations as well as municipalities and organisations for the disabled etc. The council consists of 43 members.

The Employment Region and the Regional Employment Council make an annual contract with the Minister of Employment. The contract includes objectives and result requirements for employment policy in the year to come for the Greater Copenhagen & Zealand region. Eastern Denmark has 44 job centres. The local municipalities manage the job centres. 

The main responsibilities of the Employment Region are:

  • Supporting and ensuring good performance of the jobcentres
  • Dialogue based follow up on the performance and outcomes of the jobcentres
  • Monitoring and analysing the development on the regional labour market
  • Providing labour market information about the regional labour market to those responsible for labour market measures, private providers, instructions, unemployment insurance etc.
  • The secretariat function of the Regional Employment Council.

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Contact The Employment Region Copenhagen & Zealand: Telephone: 72 22 34 00. Mail: